Core Funds for Emerging Groups

We encourage feminist groups working to advance the rights and wellbeing of women & LGBTQ+ groups to come forth with new concepts and ideas for feminist projects and to encourage, challenge and transform the current discourse on the feminist movement.

Our understanding of what a feminist groups is, is quite flexible and responsive to the political, social and economic context of the countries that our grantees work in. It is not rigid or restrictively formulaic and we do not define feminism within a pre-set list of characteristics, especially for applicants from countries of conflict. In the spirit of radical trust and solidarity, this is a fully-flexible grant that grantee-partners will be able to direct however they see fit for their own collective, group or organization.

We firmly believe that feminist groups are best positioned to determine their own priorities, to decide how to spend their money and also to decide whether/how to reallocate funds if the need arises.

Eligibility Criteria:

Registered or unregistered feminist groups.
Have not received previous funding from the Doria Feminist Fund.
Based in a MENA country.
No age limit.
People ascribing to all genders are encouraged to apply.

Please click the link below to apply

Doria Feminist Fund Grants Portal