Feminist Knowledge

Challenges and Opportunities | The Feminist Movement in Syria

For the past ten years, Syria has been the scene of a war that started as a popular revolution and developed into a mere settlement of scores between opposing States. Syria is currently divided into four areas of control. The various dominant forces have different intellectual and political orientations. This complex landscape posed challenges for the civic and political space, mainly in relation to the work targeting women or linked to a feminist agenda.

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Women in Palestine between the trilogy of Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and Israel

Doria Feminist Fund Palestine assessment aims to inform funding pathways for Palestinian feminist movements across geographies (West Bank, Gaza, 48, diaspora and refugees) by undertaking a review of funding trends targeting various conduits in Palestine as observed by Palestinian feminists and women groups.

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Mapping Movements Envisioning Libya

Doria Feminist Fund review aims to provide a contextual analysis of the security and political situation in Libya and develop a deeper understanding of women groups active in the area of promoting women’s participation in the political arena, assessing their eligibility to receive funding.

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