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NO2TA: Taking back the narrative, bringing in the change

July 9, 2024

No2ta is a women-led regional media collective based in Lebanon. Through innovative feminist production, No2ta aims to shift the online narrative in support of women, girls and marginalized communities in the Arabic-speaking region.

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MAYLI: The first public library for women in Lebanon’s Baalbek

July 1, 2024

Mayli is a public library and coffee shop for women and girls in Baalbek, Lebanon. It opened its doors in June 2023, and operates three days a week for free, providing women and girls with a safe and welcoming space to hang out, work, study and run workshops.

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SHE CAN: A group of transwomen breaks through barriers

June 24, 2024

SHE CAN is a grantee partner group founded and run by refugee transwomen from Syria and Lebanon, that focuses on capacity building, community outreach and building resources and infrastructure through the "Empower Lab" project, funded by the Doria Feminist Fund.

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Changemakers: Turning crisis into opportunity in northwest syria

June 17, 2024

“Changemakers” is a women’s rights group that was established in northwest Syria in 2014, in response to the refugee crisis in the aftermath of the Syrian conflict.

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