Knowledge Production Funds

Feminist groups and engaged scholars can choose to write or translate papers/books to Arabic, convene feminist-themed meetings, publish educational material (books, magazines, comics, etc.), create podcasts, produce photo essays or utilize any other creative media to present their work. The possibilities are endless.

This grant provides the opportunity and support needed for feminists to experiment with diverse media and to welcome new tools into their work as they create spaces for learning and knowledge exchange within their movements. It also invites feminist activists, groups and scholars to join the conversation on feminism and gender in the region, but finally on their own terms and in ways that privilege their knowledge, narratives and experiences.

In the spirit of knowledge sharing and exchange, works produced by grantee-partners as part of the knowledge production program will be openly shared with the public under the [Creative Commons Attribution CC BY license] and will remain the ownership of their creators.

Eligibility Criteria:

Feminist engaged scholars, individuals or groups.
Working and/or producing knowledge about gender andfeminist-related issues in Arab-majority countries.
No age limit.
People ascribing to all genders are encouraged to apply.

Please click the link below to apply

Doria Feminist Fund Grants Portal